Little Known Fact? TRAVEL SAFETY BRIEFINGS – Snakes and Beasties and Raul’s Rose Garden

Every now and then we will publish a “Little Known Fact”.  Here’s No.1.

Soon after returning from Gulf War 1, early 90s, RASCS Director, Richard Wade was given one of the best jobs in the British Army. Job title FEHA (Force Environmental Health Advisor). As a Sergeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps and part of the Military Hospital at Airport Camp here’s the unofficial job description:

  • Learn how to catch snakes and crocodiles from Michael Ozetta (Belizean pest controller extraordinaire).
  • Kill millions of mosquitoes to stop people catching Malaria (Michael Ozetta and his team plus Landrover mounted Swingfogs).
  • Inspect all of the restaurants in Belize for food safety standards, avoid the constant attempts at bribery and produce the LIST.
  • Inspect Raul’s Rose Garden (there are people scratching as they read this !!!!).
  • Ensure Hospital bar is well stocked with cold Belikin beer (as the mortuary was not often busy it was a shame not to use that space to keep the beer cold).
  • Spend as much time as possible in San Pedro and get the RAF to fly you there and back !!!!
  • Get one of the best up and coming lads as your Trainee – Steve Davenport – went on to do, and still does, great things.

That pretty much sums it up. So we’ve been there and done some of that and we can provide your Organisation with Pre-Deployment Health Intelligence Briefings based upon real world experience. To follow – cold climates.  Download the brochure or give us a call.

Stay safe.