Our Services

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

We offer a range of specialised solutions designed to protect your organisation, employees, and assets. From detailed ISO audits and bespoke safety training to advanced rural crime prevention courses, each service is crafted to meet the unique challenges of your sector. Explore our offerings and discover how our expertise can help you achieve and maintain the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Shield Your Rural Environment

Rural Crime is an International Problem

Our research tells us that wherever you are in the world you are at risk from criminals intent on stealing your equipment, animals and personal possessions. This course applies to you whether you live in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Africa or South Africa. It’s a global problem. Sign up for the Rural Crime Prevention Course now, protect your family and your livelihood.

Enroll NOW on our World Leading Rural Crime Prevention Course.

Farming & Agriculture

Farm Health and Safety Training Courses

Explore our tailored Farm Health and Safety Training Courses, specifically designed to meet the needs of modern agricultural practices. Whether you’re a manager looking to enhance safety protocols or a worker aiming to better understand the risks and precautions necessary on the farm, we have the right course for you.

ISO 45001 Audits

Elevate Your Safety Standards

We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions to help your organisation achieve excellence in health and safety management. Our expert team specialises in conducting thorough Gap Analysis, identifying areas for improvement in your existing systems. With our top-notch Auditor Training, we empower your staff to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to manage internal audits effectively. Furthermore, our Management System Compliance Audits ensure that your company adheres to ISO 45001 standards, promoting a safe and healthy work environment. Partner with us to elevate your safety practices and foster a culture of well-being within your organisation.

First Aid Training at Work

Expert Instruction On-Site

We offer First Aid at Work training at your premises. Our training courses are delivered by ex Royal Army Medical Corps instructors who bring real world experience into the classroom. Courses are for groups of 12 people. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and obtain a competitive quote.

Curb Rural Crime

Rural Crime Prevention Training

This course is for the owners and staff of rural businesses, farms and landed estates. You are a target for the highly organised and well-funded international criminal gangs. They want your machinery, livestock, agricultural equipment, fuel stores and they will prey on the easy targets. Train yourself and your staff to be vigilant, be proactive in crime prevention and make life hard for the criminals. It’s time to act NOW.

Travel Advice

Ensuring Employee Safety Across Borders

If your employees need to travel abroad, we provide country specific training services based on the latest WHO and Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice.

From health in hot or cold climates to disease prevention and kidnap protection, we help you to keep your staff safe overseas.

Expert Health & Safety Training

Global Insights from Military Operations

One of our Directors served for 15 years as a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps. During this time he travelled extensively around the world, including Germany, Belize, Norway, Africa, Central America and USA and was involved in military operations in the first Gulf war and two tours of Bosnia in the 90s.

He was appointed as the Warrant Officer in Charge of the Army’s Mobile Health Instructional Team with the responsibility of providing pre-deployment briefings for Army units prior to them deploying overseas on operations or training exercises.

With this experience we offer detailed and bespoke training services for organisations who are sending their staff overseas. We also provide training services specific to your destination country based upon the latest World Health Organisation and Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice including (country specific):

  • Health in hot climates.
  • Health in cold climates
  • Kidnap & ransom protection.
  • Venomous insects/snakes and personal protection measures.
  • Malaria protection measures.
  • Rabies protection measures.
  • Hazardous flora & fauna.
  • Prevention of diseases and chemoprophylaxis measures.
  • Personal safety.
  • Personal hygiene.