Expertise Tailored to Every Sector

Sector-Specific Expertise

At RASCS, we understand that each sector faces unique challenges and requires specialised attention. Our approach combines deep industry knowledge with proven strategies to safeguard your business and enhance compliance. Whether you operate in public transport, agriculture, or oversee landed estates, discover how our expert services can address your specific needs.

Specialised Services for Diverse Industries

Customised Risk Management and Safety Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive risk management and safety services tailored to the specific demands of diverse industries. With decades of experience across sectors such as Public Transport, Farming & Agriculture, Landed Estates, and Travel Safety, we are committed to providing each client with the highest standards of expertise and care. Our team is equipped with the insights and tools necessary to help your business not only comply with regulations but also thrive in today’s challenging environments.

Explore our detailed sector services below, and see how we can help protect your business’s future.

ISO 45001 Audits

Public Transport Engineering Workshops

We are currently the external H&S Auditors to one of Europe’s largest public transport providers (bus). We provide in-depth audits to ISO 45001 standards assessing the compliance levels of the engineering functions and producing comprehensive reports and prioritised action plans.

Farming & Agriculture

Safety and Compliance in the Fields

We have extensive experience in the Farming & Agriculture sector, carrying out in-depth farm health and safety inspections, farm safety training, toolbox talks and risk profiling of all the hazards associated with farming and agriculture.

We currently work with some renowned Farms and Estates across the UK ensuring that our high profile clients remain compliant and their staff remain safe at work.

Landed Estates

Comprehensive Estate Management Safety

We work with some of the UKs largest estates, we have vast experience in estate inspections and risk profiling exercises covering all aspects of estate management and country pursuits including hunting and shooting.

Our risk assessment services will ensure your estate has all the necessary procedures, documentation and safety polices in place so that your business is never vulnerable.

Travel Advice

Ensuring Employee Safety Across Borders

If your employees need to travel abroad, we provide country specific training services based on the latest WHO and Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice.

From health in hot or cold climates to disease prevention and kidnap protection, we help you to keep your staff safe overseas.