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Welcome to the Rural Crime Prevention course. Join us on the journey to better understand the criminal gangs. How do they target you and what can you do to prevent you, your family, and your business from becoming victims of these ruthless criminals. Visit the Rural Crime Prevention Training Course Landing Page to view more.

Meet Richard Wade

Your Expert in Risk Management and Rural Crime Prevention

Protecting Rural Enterprises with Tailored Strategies

Richard Wade is a distinguished Risk Management and Rural Crime Prevention Advisor, renowned for his expertise and unwavering commitment to safeguarding rural communities in the UK. With an extensive background in advising Farmers, Landed Estates, and Agricultural Business Owners, Richard has spent years honing his craft, ensuring the protection of both personnel and valuable assets. His clientele includes some of the most prestigious Estates and farming enterprises across the UK, entrusting him with their Risk Management and Rural Crime Prevention needs. Renowned for his pragmatic approach, Richard is recognised for delivering tailored, cost-effective solutions that resonate with the unique challenges of rural environments. With Richard Wade at the helm, clients can trust in his proven track record of providing practical guidance and implementing strategies that fortify resilience against emerging threats.

Watch: Securing Your Livelihood

Join our Rural Crime Prevention Course

In this insightful video, Richard Wade of Risk and Safety Compliance Services takes you on a real-time assessment of rural vulnerabilities, demonstrating how easily valuable equipment can be targeted by criminals. Filmed on location near a landed estate, Richard shares practical tips and underscores the importance of thinking like a criminal to protect your property. The video serves as an introduction to our comprehensive Rural Crime Prevention online course, designed to arm you with the knowledge and strategies needed to safeguard your rural business.