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Last week, Wiltshire Police, in collaboration with Dorset Police, the Wiltshire Council Enforcement Team, and The Environment Agency, conducted an operation targeting unlicensed waste carrying, disposal, and fly-tipping.

The operation took place on the A303 in the Warminster Neighbourhood Policing area. During a three-hour period, 23 vehicles were stopped, examined, and permits were requested.

Inspector Andy Lemon of the Wiltshire Rural Crime Team stated, “We are pleased to report that no offences related to illegal waste carrying and disposal were found. One driver was warned about a worn tire, and another was issued a fixed penalty fine for using a mobile phone while driving.”

“The ongoing efforts of Operation Ragwort will include further actions against unlicensed waste carrying/disposal, fly-tipping, and rural and farm thefts. With southwest forces working more closely together, the disruption to organised crime groups will create a hostile environment for those involved in rural, heritage, and wildlife crime.”

“All forces in the southwest have been conducting operations as part of Operation Ragwort this month.”

The work in Wiltshire was carried out in partnership with Wiltshire Council and the Environment Agency and marked the first collaborative effort between Southwest Forces under Operation Ragwort.

The aim of Operation Ragwort is to enhance inter-agency intelligence sharing and act on that intelligence to prevent rural crime across the southwest.

23 vehicles stopped as part of Operation Ragwort | Wiltshire Police