In the News – Safety Update

Welcome to the latest safety news update, where you can see what’s been going on around the world regarding health and safety. The first bit of news, is to ensure that you have heard about our other website www.mysafetyservices.com. This is a collaboration with lots of different organisations, who all share a passion for health and safety compliance and ensuring that you have access to the services you need all in one place – the “one stop safety shop”, pop over and have a look to see who can assist you to remain compliant.

Of particular interest just now are the recently launched courses by Behavioural Safety Training Services. These are world leading courses and the only courses in the world to be accredited by IOSH for behavioural safety and performance psychology. We highly recommend these courses to you and have negotiated a discount on your behalf, if you quote RASCS at the checkout you will receive a 10% discount.

In the Courts….. 

Nestle have been fined £640,000 and ordered to pay costs of £26,000 after a worker was dragged into a machine on the production line. The worker was monitoring a conveyor belt when he placed his hand too close to a gap in the machine housing. His arm was dragged into the machine causing severe injuries which included a double compound fracture to his arm that required extensive surgery. He was off work for four months.

The HSE investigation confirmed that Nestle had failed to prevent access to dangerous parts of machinery on the production line, there was an unguarded “in-running nip” and the gap was large enough to allow the injury to occur. Nestle pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 11 of the Provision & use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and were punished accordingly.

Tesco has appeared in court twice recently. In the first case a worker was badly injured whilst unloading a lorry in Oxford. A trolley, stacked with juice cartons, toppled over and crushed him against the floor. He suffered two very severe open leg fractures, severed blood vessels and a fractured wrist, yet despite this, Tesco failed to report the incident for 15 days.

In a seperate incident at a store in Bracknell, a child was burned after coming into contact with a live wire sticking out from underneath a store freezer.

In the first case it was found that the staff had not been properly trained to unload the lorries and there were no first aiders on duty at the time of the accident. In the second incident, it was revealed that staff had failed to take appropriate action to fix the freezer fault resulting in exposed wires and ultimately the injured boy.

The company was fined £300,000 for the cage incident and a further £500,000 for the freezer incident.

Online Safety Training….

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IOSH Courses….

Do you need to train your staff to IOSH Managing Safely level? We can deliver COVID secure face to face training at your venue or alternatively we offer live interactive training over Zoom / TEAMS. Contact us to discuss your training needs and to discuss our fantastic prices. You may also wish to call us on 0191 908 0257, we would love to chat to you.


We have launched our YouTube channel. At the moment there’s not much to see there but we will add content over the coming months on a number of health and safety and related topics. We plan to upload some free training resources in the form of voice over presentations that you may freely use for training or toolbox talks. Is there anything that you would like to see there? please let us know and we will do our best to oblige. All we ask of you is that you visit the site and subscribe so that you can be alerted when we start to upload more content.

And Finally…

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