Every now and then it’s worth stopping what YOU are doing on the Farm and asking the question “am I doing this safely?” Sometimes we can do the same job the same way for 50 years and never have an accident!!!! that does not necessarily mean that we are working safely, it could be that we have just been lucky thus far – we have been getting away with it. Our families and friends still have us around based upon luck!!!! That’s too much of a gamble with yours and other people’s lives and feelings.

Take 5 minutes to read the HSE fatality statistics and then the next time you are about to complete that job – ask the question – “am I going home to my family today? – am I safe – or am I still just lucky”?

It’s also time to consider some refresher training. We offer a unique Farm Safety training experience that you and your team can complete online – it’s the best value for money course available in the UK today and follows all of the Guidance issued by the HSE. Infact, we have collated all of the guidance for you, and you can download it directly from the course or our 3D interactive library.

We believe that our course is the best around today. It has all of the content (and more) that our competition has BUT not only is our course better value for money at just £19.50 per delegate, the training is different – our course is a series of video presentations with a “live” instructor. You can access lots of downloads and you can literally visit our 3D farm and walk around on our hazard spotting exercise from the comfort of your PC.

If you want to hear what one of our recent delegates had to say about the course you can read it here.

Invest in the safety of YOU and your TEAM.

For more information visit the course landing page where you can securely register for a great learning experience.

Thank you.