Farm Health & Safety Training

Enhance Safety Protocols with Our Targeted Farm Training

Agricultural Safety Excellence

Training for Managers and Workers

Enhance your agricultural operations with targeted safety training designed for the unique demands of the farming industry. Our expertly crafted online courses for farm managers and workers integrate cutting-edge interactive media and practical sessions to fully equip your team with the knowledge and skills for optimal safety. Embrace a culture of safety and reduce risks in your daily farming activities with our specialised training.

Farm Health & Safety Training

Empowering Farm Managers

The Farm Management Course is crafted for those who shoulder the responsibility of health and safety on a farm. It equips farm managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement and oversee safety protocols effectively, ensuring a secure working environment for all.

Farm Health & Safety Training

Training for Farm Workers

The Farm Workers’ Health and Safety Course caters to farm workers, seasonal staff, and casual labor. This course focuses on practical safety measures and compliance standards, empowering workers with the knowledge to protect themselves and others while on the job.

Interactive 3D Learning Experience

Explore Safety with Our Interactive 3D Course Overview

Dive into our interactive 3D learning environment where you can click, learn, and visualise key aspects of farm health and safety. This engaging section allows users to interact with course elements, offering a dynamic preview of what they will learn.

Intro - Watch and Learn

Essential Safety Practices

Discover our series of instructional videos that bring farm safety concepts to life. Each video is designed to demonstrate practical applications of safety measures in various farm scenarios, enhancing your learning experience through visual education.

Learn, Apply, and Excel in Farm Safety

Transform Your Farm with Expert Training

Farm and estate work remains one of the UK’s most hazardous sectors, marked by a high incidence of preventable accidents and fatalities. To combat these risks, we offer a comprehensive, fully online health and safety training course. This course is meticulously designed to equip farm and estate workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure their safety on the job. Enrolees can progress through the course at their own pace and revisit content as needed, facilitated by engaging videos, interactive quizzes, and downloadable materials that cover essential safety topics—from machinery use and animal handling to chemical hazards and emergency procedures. Completing the course not only enhances workplace safety but also grants participants a certificate of attendance, underscoring their commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.