It’s only risky if you don’t know what you’re doing!!! We know what we’re doing.

So what’s in it for you? Well we’re glad to report – quite a lot. We are very much aware that you have a lot of health and safety advisers to choose from, so why would you want to allow us to help you with your health and safety or risk reduction projects? For starters, we have been working with Farms and Estates for many years and during that time we have worked hard to understand the common health and safety issues of the sectors. We make sure that we are up to date with current HSE guidance and industry best practice and you will benefit from that – we constantly scan the health and safety legislative horizon so that we can keep you up to date – allowing you to get on with managing your business, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back. So here are the main benefits to you if you allow us to work with you:

  • Horizon Scanning: We will keep you up to date with proposed changes to health and safety legislation. As new laws are being¬† introduced we will monitor the implications for our clients before they are introduced into legislation, ensuring that you are prepared and compliant in advance.
  • Knowledge Bank: We have worked in the Farming and Landed Estate sector for many years. We know the health and safety issues that you ought to be concerned with and we can help you to effectively manage the risks.
  • Due Diligence: We will work with you to produce a health and safety management system that is relevant and bespoke to your business operations. We produce safety policies, risk assessments, staff training and record keeping that are more than just a paperwork exercise, and its all electronic and stored in the Cloud. We will help you to engage with your staff, provide meaningful training, meetings and enable a fully inclusive approach to safety. There will be demonstrable records of what you have done to protect your people.
  • Invest in your people: Smart businesses invest in the health, safety and welfare of their staff. A safe and happy worker is more productive, safer, motivated and will genuinely appreciate the time and investment you have made for their health and safety. You have a moral obligation to look after the people who make your businesses successful.
  • Proactive: Let’s not concentrate on accident statistics and lagging indicators (its too late once the accident has happened), why not be pro-active? concentrate on the leading indicators, more training, management and leadership, engagement, audits, behavioural safety monitoring and worker engagement.
  • Our Network: You get the benefit of our vast business network. We are partners with Insurance Brokers, Behavioural Safety Training Experts, First Aid Trainers, LOLER & PUWER Equipment Examiners, Mental Health First Aid Trainers, First Aid Trainers and much more.
  • Our Approach: Friendly, approachable and professional. Straight taking, no waffle and NO JARGON – plain English.

So what’s next?: You just call 0191 908 0257 or visit the contact page and either leave us a message or book a phone call via the website to get started. There are no obligations, call for a chat and discover how we can assist you to keep your business and your staff safe.

Thank you.