A careful look at the Health and Safety Executive statistics on musculoskeletal disorders makes for a dissapointing read. The scale of the problem is huge and costs the UK economy 8.9 million lost working days in 2019/20!!! 

That’s a whoppong 480,00 workers suffering from work-related musculoskeletal discorders (new or long standing) during that time, and 152,000 suffering from a new condition.

So what are the main issues that you should be aware of? 44% (212,000) of the injuries result in damage to the upper limbs and neck, 37% (176,000) result in painful back conditions and 19% (93,000) suffered from lower limb injuries.

Let’s have a look at the higher than average industries. At the top of the league is agriculture, forestry and fishing with 2,030 injuries. The construction industry is following closely behind with 2,020 injuries, human health and social work accounts for 1,420 cases and the all industry rate is 1,130.

The end result for business is very costly indeed, with staff on long term sick, claims for damages and interruptions to businesses across the UK.

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